Some Clubs I Want To Start

1. The Ohio Turnpike Association

- This club meets once every two months and is for me and all the people I’ve come to “know” via the internet who live in New York and who I want to be friends with IRL. The Ohio Turnpike is the answer I got when I Googled “what is halfway between Minneapolis and New York.” We would just get waffles together and laugh about life! 

2. Failed Spelling Bee Competitors Anonymous

- We would talk about all the words we got wrong and how they haunt us, still. (CHINOOK, GODDAMN YOU.)  :(

3. People Who Like All My Same TV Shows And Watch Them With Me Weekly

- I get really mad at you guys when you don’t watch Pretty Little Liars.

4. FFFF (Four Friends having Feelings on the Floor)

- You know in movies when, like, four friends lie on the floor so their heads are together and their bodies are pointing outward to make an X? Rylee and I need two more people who will come over regularly to make this happen. And then we’ll talk about our feelings.

5. The YA Players

- For the dramatic reenactment of favorite scenes from YA classics like “Alphas” and “The Clique” and “The It Girl.” 

6. Guacamole and Margaritas Until We Almost Throw Up Club (GMUWATUC)

- (Self-explanatory)

7. Harry Potterotica

- HAHA I don’t really want that as a club but that name just popped into my head (errr) and I really love it a lot. Say it out loud!

8. Adult Fort Building Club

- Does anyone want to come build a fort with me? I have this giant box just sitting in my living room and I think it could make a pretty solid fort guest bedroom. Or a spaceship!! 


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