Q. “What if you go to dinner with somebody who does that thing where they want everybody to stack their phones in the middle of the table and you’re like NO; is there a good way to do that?”

A. “[Horrified GIF] Oh my god. Stop going to dinner with that person? That’s my main answer. Stop going to dinner with that person until he or she has learned the error of his/her HEINOUS ways. I’m bossy (not like this, like this.) and I would never DREAM of telling my friends to hand over their phones, or any other personal belongings for that matter. That’s parenting. Are you talking about going out to eat with your parents? Even still. Stop going to dinner with them.

The other thing you need to do is work on being assertive, because people don’t often test assertive people with bizarre/dictatorial regulations like this. This is shit, and don’t take shit from anyone! If someone asks you to hand over your phone, you say, “Are you serious?” and give a look like this, and then say, “I’m not doing that.” And then put your phone away, and don’t take it out again during dinner. Both of you! Shape up!”

- Still experiencing aftershocks associated with the practice described in this question. WTF?? This must be a coastal thing. The rest of my FWD column is here.  


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