From BuzzFeed: The Best Facebook Comments From The Kansas Abortion Wars

This whole thing is perfect and hilarious.

This week in my BuzzFeed advice column I hate on Facebook more, talk about snails, get annoyed by entitled roommates, and tell you how not to send an online dating message.

This week's BuzzFeed advice column talks about profile glamour shots, retweeting, and the dreaded follow-up email.

Our Emoticons, Ourselves: An Interview With The Inventor Of The Internet Smiley

I am really excited about this thing that I wrote for BuzzFeed, just posted today! I was writing a piece for them about emoticons and so I just decided to email the inventor of the Internet smiley with some questions, and he responded right away with amazing answers! It was like a proper interview! Most important of all: he agrees with me that you should never use equal signs for your emoticon eyes, under pain of death. His words! Practically.