The 2012 Comedy Awards - Best Comedy Podcast Voting Page


Hi friends! How Was Your Week was nominated for “Best Podcast,” alongside heavyweights Comedy Bang Bang, WTF, The Nerdist and Sklarbro Country.

Please vote for me! Not only because I’ve been endorsed by both the author of Columbine and Twitter user @fart, but because if I win, I promise to make it legal for dogs to drive, and MANDATORY for them to sing and play the piano at the same time.

Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. If I get to attend, I’m taking Spoony. He better get himself a tuxedo! Or at least a tuxedo cat.

Everyone ought to vote for Julie Klausner, and I say that even as someone who is also a very big fan of Marc Maron and WTF (as has been mentioned on this very blog!). And yes, that’s a 10% affirmative action-based urging on my part, as Julie is the only woman nominated, because if she wins then maybe all my other favorite women comics, comedy writers and comedians will start podcasts and receive trophies for them. WE TAKIN OOOOOVER, one city at-a-time, that type of thing. The other 90% of the reason is because Julie Klausner is a wicked smart and funny lady who gives me all the best commentary on things I never knew I needed commentary about, like Pauley Perrette, for example.