Digital Etiquette for BuzzFeed!

Oh look! It’s the first edition of my new weekly advice column on BuzzFeed FWD! It’s etiquette for digital things and technologies and lives! If you have a question for me you should send it to Otherwise just read it!

This week I answer questions about FACEBOOK and how it’s ruining all of our lives but also making them better. 

This week in my BuzzFeed advice column I hate on Facebook more, talk about snails, get annoyed by entitled roommates, and tell you how not to send an online dating message.

This week's BuzzFeed advice column talks about profile glamour shots, retweeting, and the dreaded follow-up email.

This week in BuzzFeed FWD: Halp! - "liking" tragedies on Facebook, read notifications on iMessage (NOOOOO), and which came first, Twitter or stupidity.

This week on BuzzFeed FWD I answer just two questions, but they are 1) important and 2) in VERY LARGE font. (When do I give up text-flirting with a girl I like, and can I use G-chat with coworkers/supervisors?)