Bachmann boasts of having a 'titanium spine'

“‘I have a titanium spine for doing what we need to do’ to get the country turned around, Bachmann told Fox…” - CNN, 6/27/2011

Is Michele Bachmann a Transformer or just a Mad Libs enthusiast?

Other phrases for the 2012 campaign trail!

I have crazy eyeballs for seeing the environment and being like, “looks fine to me!”

I have secretive eyelashes for blinking coded messages to our allies!

I have synthetic lungs for breathing in freedom and breathing out democracy!

I have bionic legs for running away from immigrant-y looking people!

I have nuclear earlobes for hearing the whispers of terrorists when I visit public schools!

I have subterranean pockets for collecting federal funds when it suits me!

I have bloody wrists for getting rid of Obamacare and also, doctors! (yikes)

I have heterosexual arms for pointing at gay people and saying “STOP IT!”

"The Hispanic piranha prom had one…Jew…person."

On the whole, not THAT much crazier than she sounds in general.