This week's BuzzFeed advice column involves me taping someone to my wall and spoon-feeding him peanut butter, and enacting Twitter burials for people that don't follow me back. Click!

This week in BuzzFeed FWD: Halp! - "liking" tragedies on Facebook, read notifications on iMessage (NOOOOO), and which came first, Twitter or stupidity.

This week on BuzzFeed FWD I answer just two questions, but they are 1) important and 2) in VERY LARGE font. (When do I give up text-flirting with a girl I like, and can I use G-chat with coworkers/supervisors?)

People Still Struggling to Understand "Digital Etiquette"

  • K: Do you have any questions for my tech column?
  • Little brother: How do I get my old laptop to work again?
  • K:, etiquette questions. Or advice about using technology.
  • LB: ..."How do I tell someone I love them using a Rumba?"
  • Send YOUR questions (Rumba-based or otherwise) to